Angel Tower’s started to rise

The construction of “Angel Tower’s”, located in the city center of Famagusta, continues at full speed.


The construction of “Angel Tower’s”, located in the city center of Famagusta, continues at full speed. The Angel Towers project, which will be one of the most expensive projects in the region when completed, is being carried out by Noyanlar Group, one of the most reliable companies in our country.

The project, which draws attention with its proximity to universities, banks, shopping centers and government offices, will include offices, basement and multi-storey shops, a restaurant, a gym and an indoor parking lot, apart from residences.

Noyanlar Group Sales Director, Zarif Noyan, said that Angel Tower’s started to attract great attention while the project was on paper and continued: “We are aware of the continuous development in Famagusta, we decided to reveal the Angel Tower’s project, taking into account the needs of our people and the environment. Angel Tower’s, which will provide a great advantage to its owners with its central location, will also help meet such needs of the environment with its shopping center and social facilities.” Saying that they always prioritize customer satisfaction, Noyan said that Angel Tower’s would suit Famagusta’s new, modern face very well.


New Year’s Campaign from Noyanlar

Zarif Noyan, who stated that Noyanlar Group, offers very attractive campaigns to its customers every year during the New Year period, said that there are very special prices for Angel Tower’s, in addition to other projects, especially nowadays. Zarif Noyan: “Angel Tower’s, which is the center of attention of investors, will be completed in 2019, it is not too late to take part in this project, a significant part of which has already found its owners. In our New Year campaign, we offer discounts of up to 18%, and we also pay VAT and transformer fees. If you are considering making real estate investments during this period, this campaign is definitely a campaign that you should consider.”

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