8 March Message from Noyanlar Women

The women of the Noyanlar Group of Companies shared their views and thoughts on March 8, International Working Women’s Day. Women workers working at various levels in the Noyanlar Group of Companies, especially Noyanlar Sales Director Zarif Noyan and Noyanlar Deputy Sales Director Doğa Noyan, gave inspiring messages about this meaningful day.


Zarif Noyan: (Noyanlar Sales Director)

Being a woman means; emotion, love, power, leader, self-sacrifice and patience, but most importantly, it means “Mother”. There are so many things about women that cannot be expressed in words that I cannot finish writing them. The woman is a devoted, patient, self-sacrificing mother. Women are the supreme example in our lives.

I wish for a year in which we will remember the importance and value of women, not only on March 8, Women’s Day, but every day, where women can be free and always respected.



doğa noyan
doğa noyan kadınlar günü

Doğa Noyan: (Assistant Sales Director)

The woman is the symbol of power. One day they fall, then they stand up stronger and indestructible. One day she will be sad and maybe even cry, then turn around and shine with her smiles and laughter. She loses her place again, then returns and regains it by sacrificing herself in the most determined way. She never compromises on success. She is not afraid to work. She is not afraid to fight because women are brave. We are all strong women. Women’s values, work, determination, passion, free spirit, and many other beautiful feelings are priceless. It is genuine, it is real. Women are flowers. I sincerely congratulate all women on March 8, International Women’s Day and embrace them all. You beautiful women, strong women, exemplary women, glad to have you.




Mahsa Esmaeili: (Sales Representative)

Women are the symbol of beauty that God sent to the world. The will of a woman to live is the reason for survival.

Women; lover, wife, sister, mother, and the creator of all emotions, she is the epitome of all goodness.

They are the most beautiful teachers who teach us about life, love and care.



didem bayram
didem bayram

Didem Bayram: (Assistant Sales Director)

In order for women to reach the goal they want, it is enough to just dream. A woman will definitely go after whatever she puts into her mind without giving up until it comes true. Happy 8 March International Women’s Day to our women, the strongest beings in the world, who pursue their dreams without giving up despite everything they encounter in life…



ayse konak

Ayşe Konaklı:  (Accounting Department )

Sometimes a mother, sometimes a precious wife… she is the being who always knows what she wants. On this day, I sincerely congratulate all women who have unlimited love, compassion, and sacrifice in their hearts…



merve hüseyinova
merve hüseyinova

Merve Nur Şehitoğlu: (Social Media Specialist)

Happy 8 March International Women’s Day to our women, who make us feel the presence of true love in the world most deeply, who are with us at every moment of our lives and illuminate our way with their presence and love, and whom we have always grown by taking as an example. With the hope that it will be a world where we see value in the same way, every day, not one day…

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