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21 Royal Sun Elite Residence - Turquoise Blocks

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Turquoise Block, Royal Sun Elite Residence It is one of the ten house types offered. Designed for a peaceful life Turquoise Blocks It consists of many flats.

In the project, which is close to İskele Long Beach; There are 2 types of flat models: 2+1 flats and 1+1 penthouse.

Turquoise Blocks; Spacious 2+1 flats where you and your loved ones can spend time with pleasure are 77m2, while the 1+1 penthouse model, designed with large terraces to improve outdoor life, is 41m2. If you want to live a quality and comfortable life, you can consider buying an apartment from this project with peace of mind.

Royal Sun Elite Residence of the project Turquoise Blocks Social projects of the model include swimming pools, tennis courts, bicycle and walking paths, large parking areas, secure site entrance, sports and massage halls, sauna, restaurants and cafes, jewelery store, bank, car rental, entertainment and health center, dry cleaning, supermarket. offers such services to its customers.

Located in a large and spacious area Royal Sun Elite Residence included in the project Turquoise Blocks; It offers a quality life style to our customers with its various opportunities and social activity areas.

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21 Royal Sun Elite Residence Project

It is being built in the area of ​​Iskele, Long Beach, North Cyprus.

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