As Noyanlar Maintenance, our main philosophy is; when people have thoughts of renewing the places where they spend their lives, we want to be able to serve with our unique design and deliver our work on time by valuing visuality with quality products, quality materials, quality craftsmanship, quality workmanship, detailed perspective and discipline.

Noyanlar Group of Companies, which has been carrying out successful construction projects in Cyprus for more than 40 years, continues its way with an innovation that will make everyone’s life easier and provide quick solutions to problems. Noyanlar Maintenance Engineer, which has been put into service as a subsidiary, produces solutions for building maintenance and repair issues.

Noyanlar Maintenance Engineer which first started to serve in Yeniboğaziçi and İskele regions, apart from general building repair and renovation; It is also possible to benefit from the company's experience and get services in matters such as architecture and engineering projecting, interior-exterior decoration, landscape design and garden maintenance, gazebo and barbecue construction, pool maintenance and repair. 

noyanlar proje geliştirme

Noy Noyanlar Group of Companies, which stands out with its innovative vision in the housing construction projects it has carried out in the TRNC, continues this mission with the “Noyanlar Maintanence Engineer”, which it has just opened for service.

Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Landscape and Garden Design
  • Electrical Failure
  • Flooding
  • Locksmith
  • Plumbing Failures
  • Pool Maintenance and Repair

You can visit our website Home Maintenance and request a quote right away.